The 21st century, human technology, green, green theme, the party Plenum have to speed up the construction of a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society an important strategic task. Century, the sea is still listening to the theme group, feel the pulse of the times, in 2009 established the joint venture company invested substantially in the sea yet ------ Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang. It is a hazardous waste treatment and recycling of resources, new environmental product development, production and sales of innovative enterprises.

Standing on the threshold of the era of green energy, technology to technology innovation and the sea is still a point of penetration into the frontier areas of environmental protection, mainly in Canada, fine chemical expert Michel. Dr. Lauren has established a core technology R & D team. The R & D team to continue research and development capabilities, scientific and technological achievements transformation, innovation truly a number of won the national invention patent, the formation of core intellectual property.

Shang Hai Science and Technology to carry out independent intellectual property rights around the core production and business activities, the main business of metal surface treatment, high purity zinc oxide purification, hazardous waste treatment and recycling of resources, and industry, China's production of chemicals. Among them, DPL-T30-based metal surface treatment products with innovative technology and environmental protection concepts, filled a new technology and products of metal corrosion blank; in the field of zinc oxide purification process using a unique economic environment-friendly way of extracting high-purity 99.99 % of zinc oxide, is the leading international art project, created a high purity zinc oxide purification of a new chapter; company has a mature hexavalent chromium processing technology, successfully resolving industrial emissions of hexavalent chromium in chronic illness; industrial, civilian chemical product line of rich fields, including multi-phosphating solution, strong degreasing agent, aluminum and aluminum alloy surface treatment agent, in addition to flavor agent in the technology content of products and energy saving aspects of environmental protection in the domestic leading position.

With high technology, innovative and unique products, innovative ideas of the team, yet the sea products and the rapid implementation of projects throughout the domestic and international markets, products are widely applied in auto, steel, metallurgy, household and other industries, the resources for all areas of integrated use, environmental protection and energy conservation to make its due contribution.

The sea is still based on technology development and technology innovation of cutting-edge, scientific management system as a means to move up the consciousness of exquisite new product line and business philosophy, innovative operating system, strict control of operational risks, as Flower of the industry.

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